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rwby abusive family x male reader wattpad Jul 08, 2021 · Black Like Deep Water (RWBY x Abused male reader) 54 parts. Neglect Male Reader Broly X RWBYby Silver_B657. D the son of Gaster and a Human woman that died a few years after Gaster's disappearance. Read Heather x sucidal hiccup brother male reader (lemon) from the story female various x male reader 6 (Request Close) by thenick5o (nik) with 515 reads. 3K 21 Y/N was a wolf faunus part of the rose family but sadly he's not wanted by anyone due to him being 'semblanceless' but when he discovers his semblance he takes on a new journey to become the greatest huntsmen ever Cat-atonic State: Rwby x Abused Reader Jul 29, 2018 · RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth. THE HEROIC HUNTER (neglected and abused DEKU! male reader x rwby 228K 2. Injury. yand. blogspot. '. Naruto various X male jonin reader whatd you think would happen if i jumped from here sighing the team made way to a mysterious jonin of theirs. Sep 03, 2020 · Stories from my Wattpad . Why the hell do you think the rose family will neglect and abuse you . 4K Reads 298 Votes 12 Part Story. Tell the community what’s on your mind. Rwby x male child reader wattpad. 3. Sans X Bullied! Abused! Suicidal! Rwby Neglected and abused ruby and yang. Sep 10, 2016 · Weiss: 'He looks like a strong person. 2020/02/18 . GLITCHED ROSE(neglected and abused error sans reader X RWBY Y/N used to be the happiest kid in patch but then he is adopted by the rose family and he thought his life would get better but he was wrong they treated him like a monster and soon enough he became a monster and the only ones that love him are ruby and yang but what happens when he becomes a monster and what will everyone think when he returns for revenge This is about everyone in Remnant reading about the male reader they wronged. On a stormy night, a child was born in the Belladonna family. She started acting out; stealing, lying, fighting, if it was bad, she did it. What You Thought I Was (abused male reader x rwby). Jan 02, 2019 · You can say ruby's week was a weird one, First the robbery in the dust shop then the invitation to learn at beacon academy, but the weirdest of all was the guy. " "Unworthy. " She formed a spear of bones and ran at them. She landed blow after blow on Yang and Blake, but Weiss and Ruby knocked her away. A, his white hair became orange hair and he was given faunus eyes. First published Aug 08, 2017. Rwby x male child reader wattpad Rwby x male child reader wattpad . Wattpad, if we're being honest, is full of starting writers. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO ORIGINAL OWNERS. Broken eyes (Male Abused Uchiha Reader X Rwby) - New book Y/N rose, the adopted son of Summer and Taiyang. Male Child reader x Yang RWBY Fanfiction. 2018/03/01 . Those fanfics are all over the place. 20 parts. Y/N Rose, the first born son of Raven and Taiyang, goes to beacon with his sisters Ruby and Yang. They see him as an animal. (Y/N) is the youngest out of his family, but only one . Nov 28, 2019 · Mastered Super Saiyan. A rocket then destroyed the tower. Anime And Book Characters X Reader Naruto And Sasuke Anime. Author: Comrades! So glad to see you again! Neopolitan (RWBY)/Reader. Aug 28, 2021Jan 04, 2015Dec 20, 2012Suguha x Male Reader: Love Along T. Reader-Insert. RWBY x Abused Male Reader x Nier . He was able to survive but because of the faunus D. Your Grandfather is a mafia leader Your Uncle is a drug dealer. Education Details: Aug 08, 2017 · Super_Human456. 2019/06/10 . Blake: 'I hope we can be friends even if I am a faunus. Required cookies & technologies. Wattpad. Random anime boys x Male reader Enjoy 😙 ⚠️There will be smut and 18+ in some of them btw⚠️ There May be somethings you dont like, so if you see anything uncomfortable to read, then click off my story immediately and get a better one, thanks😚 (OLD) SCP 049/Plague Doctor Reader x RWBY Article from wattpad. So in order to save him Willow, she asked Ironwood to save him. Yang is lower than ever. Jan 02, 2019 · Follow/Fav THE EMERALD HERO (rwby x link and zelda son male Reader ) By: illylaslo2 What will happen if link and zelda was in remnant? what will happen if they had a child? what will happen If one day they both disappeared leaveing (Y/N) alone? Read Heather x sucidal hiccup brother male reader (lemon) from the story female various x male reader 6 (Request Close) by thenick5o (nik) with 515 reads. Y/n flew towards vale while zamasu flew towards vacuo to take care of the relics. flash back_. She actually thinks it makes her feel good. Hokage Naruto X Male Reader The Sly Fox Rwby Pjo Naruto Harem X Male Jinchuriki possessive gaara and sakura fanfiction lemon. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Abusive boyfriend x reader wattpad Rwby x tortured male reader. Nov 6, 2018 - Read Chapter 10: Y/n's Birthday from the story A Thorn Rose [Rwby x Male Reader] by The-Dokta (Anbiya Izza) with 8,351 reads. When he was 17 he decided he wanted to meet his . Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. ! Details: Broken eyes (Male Abused Uchiha Reader X Rwby) - Freedom and Cursed Eyes Y/N rose, the adopted son of Summer and Taiyang. Friends: RWBY, JNPR, CFVY, SSSN (except Neptune), Ozpin, Winter Schnee, Penny Penadola, FNKI, CMEN . Broken Eyes Male Abused Uchiha Reader X Rwby Freedom And. Tired - (Abusive Yang X Abused Male Reader) . the rose family, found a boy and saw his weakness. Jun 03, 2020 · Seraph of the End X Male Betrayed R. Y/n is the adoptive son of Taiyang xiao long and summer rose he has two sisters Ruby his little sister and yang his sister with the same age. Their team dorm Remnant reading about the Male reader they wronged mask on as always I hope ye enjoy. Various Females X Male Reader One Shots On Hold From Stumbled. Anime girl x male reader wattpad. Daniel Gremory was always abused and neglected by his parents. 89. y/n looked out his window into the stars he groaned standing up looking at the town and then looked at the family portrait one he was never able . You trail the smoke by the rocket back to its origin. Ninja Rose (Abused Male Reader x RWBY) 197K 2. Wattpad deleted my last book of this so shit is sort of going on. 2021/01/29 . (God, Blue and Ultra Instinct will come later) Your Power Level (As of Chapter 1 & after you trained in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Results 1 - 16 of 351 — Professor Port requested. A Sword Art Online x RWBY crossover fanfiction. 15 parts. Black Like Deep Water (RWBY x Abused male reader) by MFC4Graafschap . N. 9K27. com DA: 15 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 67. A world filled with many, many RWBY x reader wattpad Abusive boyfriend x reader oneshots Neptune. Rwby x male child reader wattpad . Super Saiyan 2. Yang is up next on my RWBY x Child reader series, so let's see how the firecracker does. Rwby X Male Reader Fanfiction Stories Aug 30, 2018 · A boy taken in and abused by the Rose family (except Ruby, she special), now suffers both a fiery . wattpad. When the virus came, the world that Y/N knew didn't exist anymore. wattys2018, malereader, rwb. An SS soldier fell screaming as his body is getting rippled by bullets. 163K Reads 1K Votes 15 Part Story. Dec 07, 2019 · RWBY: Cinder x male reader. Summary. com › stories › neglected. (Discontinued) [The Hero] RWBY X Abused Neglected Male Reader X Fate Series Fantasy. I seen so many stories of Ruby x Deku so i thought of making one of my own because I had dreams of this kind of story so I hope you guys enjoy it. ” Qrow never It ™ “Female scp 049 x reader” Keyword Found . The only thing was you were two years younger than them. some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions. what did they do? they used him as they see fit like a worthless nothing they think . A depressed teen who knows the reason that his older brother is dead saving his life. Ruby x Male Reader Also I don't own any pictures, songs, nor RWBY those ar Infatuation Yandere Male Various X Male Reader Discontinued. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. Jun 20, 2019 - Read OC Bio from the story Power Of Two Werewolves: RWBY x Male Faunus Reader and Male OC by ShaNEON_757 with 3,096 reads. So they infused him with an unknown faunus D. Aug 22, 2018 · She frequently abused the reader. By the stuff she said, it kinda sounded like she did it willingly. CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT You guys are probably familiar with the abused male reader bit. The World Ender ( Abused & Neglected Aatrox Male Reader x Rwby). With you at her side since day one, and Roman, the perfect father figure which she always wanted, at the head of the organization, Neo felt like her dream of happiness had finally been made real. Ruby Rose didn't really take her mother's death all that well. Rogue777. Neopolitan (RWBY) Roman Torchwick. rwby, rubyr. Complete. The being plans to send them to a new, empty realm where they get to watch alternate versions themselves from different universes. A Silent Scream For Help (Abused and Neglected male reader x rwby) (y/n) Rose was always been beaten, injured, neglected, and abused by his family, except for Ruby, Qrow and Zwei Jul 29, 2021 · The Wolf And The Rose Rwby X Male Reader Prologue Wattpad. 8K 751 13. Obito tobi x blind male reader x kakashi pt 1 like rin you were a childhood friend of obito. After doom slayer kills Samuel Hayden and retrieves the crucible he is teleported into a another wo A Mistake in the Remnant ( RWBY x Doom 2016 c 13 parts. Having amazing wealth,power and most of all . Mar 13, 2021 - Read Bio from the story Hidden knight (male reader x rwby) by Genuinenovelty with 9,509 reads. • Premiered Feb 15, 2021. YOU ARE READING. Nevermore, Forever Less (RWBY X Male Reader) 23 parts. Abused and Neglected Male (Feb 15, 2021) [SFM] Burning Rose: Episode 2 (Abused and Neglected Male Reader X #RWBY ). Feb 21, 2019 · Fanfiction Fantasy Romance. An anime television series was created by studio gallop and nas and broadcast on . Edit. May 24, 2018 · X Reader Various X Reader One Punch Man Genos Metal Bat Saitama Opm Speed O Sound Sonic Sweet Mask. Said odd man puts her on track for a normal life, but with . (He finally had enough and ran away from home, taking Ruby with him. ) You are YN Redgrave/Sparda, son of Legend. She felt like she could rule the world. I Want Everything Male Greed Reader X Rwby Info Wattpad. You (the reader) ran away from an abusive family that ignored you, your brother and sister even bullies you. Yn Or better know to his family Faliour/trash/poopyhead/mistake and the list goes on But. Follow/Fav THE EMERALD HERO (rwby x link and zelda son male Reader ) By: illylaslo2. Neglect Male Reader Broly X RWBY. rwby ruby x male reader. YN was adopted by the Rose-Xio Long-Brawen family and they loved him . Nov 23, 2018 - Read Wait did you say bacon? from the story Abused and neglected ink sans male reader x RWBY by Craz_and_Cray (The weeb among us) with 8,260 reads. rubyrose, pyrrhanikos, jaunearc. Because of it his family abused and neglected him when he becomes 5. Rwby harem x earth male reader Rwby harem x earth male reader Rwby x male child reader wattpad. A. What if Naruto's parents, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, were still alive with . Disclaimer: i do not own rwby and its characters are owned by rooster teeth) A/n: Hey guys you wanted it so its here my abused male reader . " "Loser. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Ongoing. Times were hard in Atlas as my family was one of those families that were over their heads over money . xreader, weiss, abuse. A child, broken at a young, was found by Salem and made into her apprentice. It isn't like they deserve . Pretty much KILLED her and let the grimm eat up the friendship of the,. blakebelladonna, cocoadel, pyrrhanik. New Reading List. Neglected and abused male reader x Rwby. The Unknown Rose (RWBY x Neglected Male Reader). (this book is just a random CROSSOVER mainly DMCxHDXD. he was supposed to have a happy life, but seeing the title he obviously didn't. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Smart Parking Solutions Market Research Study including Growth Factors, Top Players, and Competitive Analysis . Details: The baron of Hell ( male doom reader x rwby) 19 parts. May 20, 2018 · Team RWBY X (Depressed/Suicidal) Male Reader Pt. The belladonna family was one of the best in remnant. I am basing my Warhammer universe after archronofchaos any how hear it is you are a primarch the only one your name is (y/n) Thal'kyr you were found by the rose family they brought you into the family but after a while they started to abuse and neglect you one day you found these things called . Neglected Stories - Wattpad www. Dec 13, 2020 - Read Bio from the story Their Protector (Female Monsters-Monster Hunter X Male Reader X RWBY) by kuejonathan (JonnyQ) with 7,738 reads. 1. RWBY - Multiverse Theatre (Originated and ported from Wattpad) by Gematron reviews The cast of RWBY were sent by a mysterious being who works with a unknown boss. This is about everyone in Remnant reading about the male reader they wronged. it was a cold winters day (y/n) was walking around town looking for a decent restaurant to eat at whilst he's aunt summer rose was looking for someone*. RWBY + Legend of Zelda Crossover. rwby, weissschnee, weiss. There's a massive influx of stories where the main character is abused by either the Rose Family, of team RWBY. Hidden Demons (RWBY x Male Abused Bullied Venom Reader) "Useless. Be proud of me. I have read acouple of some neglected male reader inserts and I decided to do one of my own, except in this the Xiao Long/Branwen/Rose family are not the . Pap: "Don't worry baby brother your big sister will handle this. I do not own RWBY, all rights belongs to their rightful owner . Aug 2, 2019 - Read Bio from the story ABUSED BROKEN Rose X Male Reader RWBY by kuejonathan (JonnyQ) with 10,723 reads. New animatronic (male reader x female animat 120k 1k 739 as a child… aug 11, 2014 · female x male reader stories triple deluxe do not request fem fnaf human fem puppet x . Bullied op male reader x rwby wattpad. Yang: 'I want him. Y/n had an unamused look until winter . Got the idea way back when @Boogiethehedgehog3 did his original abused and depressed male reader and so here I am to give my own little take to it. It will be much much higher in later chapters/arcs): Base: 1 x 10^303 (1 Centillion) MSSJ: 5 x 10^307 (50 Uncentillion) SSJ2: 1 x 10^308 (100 Uncentillion) The bullets that hit the bell rings. 9K 28. Y/n looked towards the front line to see ironwood and winter stand in front of him. Read stories about #blakebelladonna, #abuse, and #apocalypse on Wattpad, recommended by theJediSaiyan. Y/N = Your name L/N = Your last name E/C = Your eye colour H/C = Your hair colour F/C = Usually favorite colour, but in this case, it's whatever colour you want Anyway, let's get into it. Male Reader X Female Lemon : Abused and neglected … Karahfoods. you, a 19-year-old living with your parents because of a guardianship, has been abused for your skills in gaming, and good money making job, but to only have the money stolen from you during the night. But once his parents saw him, one thing was missing for them: the physical features of a faunus. Rwby Parent scenarios - Wattpad. This an abused and neglected story I thought of after reading one that's kind similar to what's in this one. She was probably forced to and never really wanted to do it. com Abused and neglected reader ( transformers knight reader x RWBY ) redone a kid that's abused by his dad and his family is forced to beat him only for him to run away and be found by a legendary warrior Abused and neglected Angron male reader x rwby (Warhammer . 2K 35 Y/N Rose, the son of Summer Rose and Taiyang Xiao Long and the younger brother of Ruby and Yang. Rose slayer-RWBY x Abused male reader (On Hold) April 2020 Phoenix was the son of summer rose and tai xio long. Read Abusive Weiss x male reader x caring Winter from the story Rwby various x male reader by NewDeath01 (Death) with 8,347 reads. rwby male reader harem: chapter 1 chapter 1, a rwby fanfic | FanFiction. His Dragon and Her Eagle (Qrow's adopted son male reader x Yang Xiao Long) - Chapter 1 Meeting the Family What if Qrow Branwen had a son. Need To Feel Needed (Abused Neglected Male Ruby Twin Reader x RWBY X Idols) - Bios and Characters You are Y/N Rose the son of taiyang xiao long and summer rose and twin brother of ruby rose ever since you were 6 you were neglected and abused by your family just because you didn't want to be a huntsman and didn't discover your semblance but what happens when Y/N runs away and falls into a portal and finds a new family. 2K 543 7. In the unlikely case that you don't know, I'll explain in the intro. (disclaimer I do not own rwby) Chapter 1: the sister's. " "Pathetic. The Thorned Rose (Abused M/R x RWBY) 127K 1. Feb 16, 2018 · Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. me DA: 8 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 65. she's lost her arm, her sister, her best friend and everything that made. Reader Flames Of Chaos (bullied & neglected Male. +Being ignored by his family and being abused by the students in Beacon, (Y/N) decides to escape . Y/N Rose was nothing but a punching bag to his 'family' and this is his story. 1 (Male Reader) 34 parts. Fanfiction. Vdemo. he was beaten and abused by his family, until a duo with red eyes save him from the hell. male ignored percy and artemis love fanfiction high school percy and hermes lemon fanfiction and Thalia Lemons Fanfic (also (Sep 01, 2021) Naruto primordial god fanfiction percy jackson harem. IgnitedCelica. Cross Fire ( neglected and abused OP Badass male reader X RWBY). 9K12. 133,648 views133K views. Name: (Y/N) Rose Age: 4 (childhood),14 (volume 1),15 (volume 2),16 (volume 3),17 (volume 4),18 (volume 5),19 (volume 6),20 (volume 7),27 (epilogue) Occupation: Student (volume 1-3) turned Huntsman (volume 4-present). school, rwby, rwbyfanfic. Y/N just turned 10 when the virus spread all over the world. Complete, First published Aug 08, 2017. (Bullied and abused Venom male reader x Rwby harem). His name was (Y/N). Rwby x male reader curse of death K 2. 64. Jun 17, 2019 - Read Chapter 2: MAGIC TRANSFORMATION from the story The monster's of Beacon(Male human Sans reader & family X rwby girls) by Grimmwoire with 133 reads. Https Encrypted Tbn0 Gstatic Com Images Q Tbn 3aand9gcrtwupxdcjh5vcnqvcxmg Cqfxbqqx5rktr0qzecwsf Diahhol. The Unloved Rose male abused and neglected reader x rwby harem. . Article from wattpad. Y/N L/N met on the way to his home his future best friends Yuichiro and Mikaela Hyakuya and the other children from that household. Aug 19, 2021 · Abused and NeglectedUchiha Male Reader x RWBY February 2020 An Uchiha in Remnant the son of found and adopted by the Rose Xiao long and Branwen family. Tai managed to convince Yang to join in on the “fun. Article by Wattpad. Male Reader X Female Lemon: Abused and neglected ink sans male reader x RWBY - Wait : Thank you for the compliment!. Travel Details: Mar 04, 2017 · Read When they take you home and names you from the story Rwby Parent scenarios by CloneCaptainBriggs (TheBenduJedi) with 3,774 reads. Reader) RWBY x Crossovers. Primary Sidebar. business. From The Ashes (Ruby X Male Reader) (RWBY) - Chapter 5: More… You have been wandering around Remnant with a dusty old Qrow for four years training your mind and body to achieve your goal. com DA: 23 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 85. masterN20 Updated Feb 08, 2021 03: bullied & neglected Male. Dying male reader x rwby wattpad. ruby, u. This is a story I thought of since I also am a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog and one of my favorite characters is Silver the Hedgehog, and with the title limit this is gonna be a: RWBY Harem x Son of Silver the Hedgehog Male Reader story and I thought of is when I though of both RWBY and Sonic, So, in the future of Silver the Hedgehog Iblis suddenly reached the earth's core and the planet is gonna . When they met the Arc Family, Jaune and his . While Jamie is bullied in school, Ste is dealing with an abuse at home. Ruby X Depressed Male Reader - Super Human456 - Wattpad. 2020/03/15 . Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. rwby abusive family x male reader wattpad Add to Favourites. He was loved by his mother and sisters but they were unaware of the beatings that he received from Tai. A. Y/n landed on the sidewalk scaring everyone as he walked down the sidewalk, y/n heard footsteps and saw atlas military surround him. #wattpad #action You are Y/N W. Rwby yandere fanfiction. Jun 01, 2021 · Read Yandere Mother x Male Son Reader from the story Male Reader X Fem Yandere Various by gojira2003 with 22479 reads. This is the remake to (Abused and Neglected) Uchiha Male Reader x RWBY. So, basically is in this story. 2018/04/13 . Everyone who is older than 13 dies. Burning Rose (Abused and Neglected Male Reader x RWBY) - Chapter 9: A Petition "Pain is best known by those who have walked in hell" ~Y/N L/N formerly Y/N Rose this is the first of the (Abused and Neglected Male Reader x RWBY) series. a friend wanted me to publish this so more people would see it and personally I like it now onto the bio (I do not own highschool dxd or the images I will use) a boy who has lived through a hell and dies alone but is given a second chance to live that person is YN and his story (be prepared and I will do harem parts as it grows so after the first I will show the first girl and as it grows I . what did they do? Y/N Branwen, being neglect and abuse by his family and being mock by almost everyone at Beacon. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING. The Wrath of Remnant (RWBY Harem x Abused and Neglected Male Reader) by AerodynamicHotdog. Fate Sasuke X Reader X Itachi Modern Chapter 73 Uchiha. Who knows. 2019/03/07 . Sell custom creations to people who love your style. From Abused and Neglected, to Stronger: RWBY x Abused and Neglected Male Reader Fanfiction. Nov 28, 2018 - Read Beacon from the story The boy with one wing [neglected & abused male!reader x RWBY] by JakeIlagan7 (제이크) with 5,657 reads. 136K 1. You where adopted to a family with a not so caring mother called Summer Rose ( yes she is alive ) a not so happy father called Taiyang Xiao Long and 2 sisters Ruby Rose the attention seeking goodie goodie child and Yang Xiao Long a short tempered and spoilt child Remnants DOOM (RWBY x Doom) - Devils Jet - Wattpad. Any information you publish in a comment, profile, work, or Content that you post or import onto AO3 including in summaries, notes and tags, will be accessible . He was the middle child of the family. Name: Y/N L/N Looks Neglected Male Reader X Rwby. Before her family realizes it she's run away from home and fallen in with two of Vales newest criminal sensations, Roman Torchwick, and his "Nephew", Y/N Torchwick. I M Always There For You Modern Childhood Kiba X Reader 3. Midas, a 20-year-old has been running the Agency and has been corrupted alongside the game's c. 331K3. You'd say it willingly if you'd where threatened with abuse. However, there's a difference between beginner and kink stories. A Panzerschreck is shouldered on someone you didn't expect, me. . Revenge. RWBY Females X Male Reader Oneshots - Volume 1. summerrose, rogue, ha. YOUR LEGACY: Vol. Hope you . com DA: 15 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 65. I have nothing against that, everyone starts from somewhere. Education Details: Mar 28, 2018 · Read. " "Freak. com (OLD) SCP 049/Plague Doctor Reader x RWBY March 2020 LOOK AT THE REWRITE! You were abused by the Xiao Long Family, well more specifically, Yang and Tai. Name: y/n l/n aka holy knight Mar 11, 2017 · RWBY[Yandere blake x male reader] Lemon oneshot. After escaping an abusive household can the child find a new family in the renown. 334K 3. That One Badass (RWBY x Male Reader) - Shturman - Wattpad. 13. May 19, 2021 · yang x male reader: the blind Wanderer. Kudos: 95 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 2435 RWBY x reader oneshots wattpad is. Dec 12, 2020 · Rwby x abused reader wattpad Rwby x abused reader wattpad. " You were called those names for your whole life, and yet, they wer. one day and 'incident' happened that will leav yn . That goal has kept you going even though you were p… Aug 12, 2021 · Details: Ruby rose x Male reader (Izuku Midoriya) - Jaden - Wattpad. Super Saiyan 3. Y/n: atlas military, i see you all fled to this place. When you were a baby you had a step father who abused your mother and neglected you. +Being ignored by his family and being abused by the students in Beacon, ( . by Spectre. Fem Bully X Bullied Male Reader Read Ex-Bully RWBY x Male Reader (Lemon) from the story Various female x male reader (Request Close) by XDEATH_21 (XDEATH) with 15,417 reads Read Heather x sucidal hiccup brother male reader (lemon) from the story female various x male reader 6 (Request Close) by thenick5o (nik) with 515 reads. You thought that your 'family' will cherish you, but you're wrong. Education Details: A Man that has traveled throughout many different worlds stumbles upon the world of Remnant. Female crush x . Tuesday, April 7, 2020 Add Comment. |On-going| Various OPM X Fem! Reader An eighteen-year-old girl with seemingly no family or home was brought under the wing of the strange egg-headed man in a yellow suit that saved her. Read Yandere Sister x female reader part 2 from the story Yandere x reader Oneshots by NightmareReaper2723 Reaper with 2788 reads. What we do know is the reader aint going to forgive her for a LOOOOOOOOONG time. Apr 07, 2020 · Fullmetal Alchemist Male Reader X Rwby. You are a fan of RWBY and you want to insert yourself into the story. rwby abusive family x male reader wattpad

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